Hand Tailoring

Our garments are proudly crafted in Brooklyn - empowering master tailors, top quality control and quick turn around times. Each client has their own bespoke pattern on file. We offer an initial basted fitting to honor heritage and for best fit.

Fabrics & Interlinigs

We have partnered with top European mills which mutually respect quality and sophisticated patterns. Specialty limited quantity fabrics are available upon request to ensure uniqueness, yielding counted suit yardages. Bemberg linings, horse hair canvas and soft shoulders are used for best drape, fit and quality. Our team will guide you on choosing unique while timeless looks. 

Trimmings & Finishes 

We offer soft, medium and hard shirting collar and cuffs, along with 3mm true Mother of Pearl buttons in white and smoke. Suiting blonde, brown and black true horn buttons, Mother of Pearl formal buttons and gold buttons upon request. All functioning buttonholes and topstitching is complimentary. Our team will lead the way on designing a balance of modern yet timeless fit. 

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